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Corporate Identity Business Gifting

Our bespoke service allows us to design and create a handcraft small leather products completely unique to your company and can be personalized with your Business Company Names or the Event theme you’re organizing, and they’ll be kept in wonderful gift-boxes giving your presentation a precious and refined touch.

We offer gifts packaged in our beautiful signature Belcraft boxes or alternatively we will design and create branded packaging unique to your company and event.

Design your Product

Bringing an organization closer together, making an event even more memorable, rewarding top clients or supporting a PR campaign are just some of the reasons companies choose to create personalised Belcraft leather goods turning them into powerful communicators.

Our items adjust to different situations and occasions where the simplicity turns into a practical and useful present. You will be able to choose from a wide range of products that reflect perfectly your brand’s image.

Custom paper printing

We offer a customization service entitled to the inner block of our Journals, to make them unique and appropriate for your Event. It is possible to insert an introductory text on the first page and a closing text, otherwise it is possible to print your logo within each page or an illustration of the project you are going to carry out.

The paper is made in Italy in the perfect respect for the international laws UNI EN ISO which require branded FSC products by guaranteeing this way their quality, their origin and the complete absence of chlorine, acids and heavy materials.


Belcraft intends to help you with gifts, letting you experience your Special event, for it to be original and appreciated. Products are kept in wonderful gift-boxes that can be engraved to make them even precious and original. They will perfectly match your Gift. A Meeting, a Promotion of your Colleague or other Special Occasion, are always the times that will be remembered by those who were there, and we want to help you make that moment precious.

The moment when it is unwrapped a gift is always exciting, the exclusive personality of a Belcraft Corporate Gift can already be seen from the packaging, which can be customized on request.


Choose the item you wish to customize from the range of available options – from notebooks in all colors and sizes, to diaries and planners, pens, bags and accessories. Then, decide how to apply your corporate identity with engraving and foil debossing technique in gold or silver color.
Finally, surprise your recipients with the unexpected. For added impact, the front and back endpapers, inside cover or internal pages can also be personalized, as well as the packaging and inserts.


Inspire your artwork and encourage self expression
Belcraft Corporate 1-5 + Personalizzazione 2


Choose the item you wish to customize from the range of available options – from notebooks in all colors and sizes, to diaries and planners, pens, bags and accessories.

Gift Wrapping
Corporate Service

We will together create your project, showing you a Mockup of your ideas, combined with our products and our suggestions.

By choosing to work with Belcraft to create a customized communication project for your company, you will join brands worldwide who have chosen us as a partner for their gifting and communications activities.

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